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Web Site Design and Web Hosting

Web Site Design and Web Hosting

I have a lot of tools in my toolbox to build your web site. On this page, I will share with you some of the important parts of a web site and some of the tools I have to build that site. These tools will be used to build the features you want into your web site. If you have special requirements, I can code up a feature to satisfy your need.

Here are the major parts of a web site along with a description and some examples of each.

Header or Masthead

The masthead or header is usually at the top of the every page. The home page is the first page that every visitor sees and it contains a header with the name of the web site (Domain name) along with other things such as your company logo, other affiliations that you have and possibly a visitor counter. The rest of the page is devoted to an introduction and overview of the site. Each additional page will have a header or masthead with a title and will be designed around a theme or product.

Navlinks or Navigation Links

Each page will contain Navation Links to allow a visitor to move around the site. There are three or four types of Navlinks. The first image below shows a NavBar. A visitor would Click on

the links on the bar to visit other pages on the site. The figure below the NavBar shows several NavButtons. A visitor would click on one of the buttons to visit the page denoted on the button. Other types of navigation links are NavImages where you would click on the image or an icon to visit that page. There are additional types of NavLinks that can be designed into the web site.

Other common options for a NavLink are tabs, much like you see on file folders. NavLinks can be imbedded in the text. An example is when writing about people, places, or things; a link can be established to a place that has additional information on the subject.


The main body of the site usually contains one or more pages. The first page to load, the Home page, introduces the visitor to the site. You want to place your most inpressive items or wording at the top of the Home page. The goal is to draw your visitors into your site and present them with more details on products and services being offered. The additional pages in the site explain and show your products and services along with describing your qualifications. If this site is showing items that can be purchased, the page may contain a picture of the item and an "add-to-cart" button as well as a "show-shopping-cart" button that allows the visitor to see their shopping cart. There may be other pages showing additional products or a page "About Us" describing the business, the owners, and the operators.


The Footer usually ends each page and contains the business contact information. It may also contain another set of NavLinks to allow the visitor to go to other pages on the site.

Special Routines

If your site requires some special features, I can write those special features as a module and include those in your site. Several special feature modules that I have already written than can be placed on your site are:

  1. Bulletin Board Code that allows updates on the fly
  2. Add-to-Cart and View-Shopping-Cart Software
  3. Side Bar
  4. Video Player
  5. Several Others